What are the best casino games for earning bitcoins?

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There are a crazy selection of bitcoin casino games out there. It’s not obvious which of them is the best bitcoin game — the highest paying bitcoin games are shrouded in a crowd of thousands of options.

Popular casinos like FortuneJack and Kingbit Casino come with over 1,000 games, so how exactly can you figure out the best bitcoin games in terms of earnings? Let’s find out.

All about the bankroll

Ultimately, the adage holds true — money makes money. The bigger your bankroll is, the more money you can make on bitcoin casino games. This is because if you lose a small amount, you have more in your bankroll to recover it with a bigger bet.

You can afford to make bigger bets without risking large percentages of your bankroll, and thus, you will be making more bitcoins compared to those who have a smaller gambling stash. If you want to grow your bitcoin bankroll effectively, don’t forget to use the Kelly criterion.

Understand the game’s house edge

This is the most important part in figuring out the best bitcoin games for making money. The highest paying bitcoin games will always be those with low house edges. You’ll find that casinos where people have won millions of dollars (in the crypto world) are those with a house edge of 1% or less.

The game which usually has the lowest house edge is blackjack. If you use perfect strategy, the house edge can be reduced to under 1%. Since the house edge is how much you are expected to lose per bet, the lower the house edge, the more money you theoretically stand to gain.

FortuneJack is one of the best bitcoin casinos out there that offers live blackjack games where you can customize your strategy and earn loads of money. Another great game with a relatively low edge is dice — on FortuneJack, dice only has a 0.7% edge! This is much lower than traditional gambling games, especially those in brick-and-mortar casinos. For example, in slot machines, the house edge can sometimes be higher than 10%!

Bet more, not less!

You may actually think that it’s really stupid and risky to bet large amounts in one bet. Hell, you may say it’s better to play slow and steady. This is a common misconception, and it can hinder your ability to earn bitcoins while gambling.

If the house has an edge over you in a game, it means that you can expect to lose the house edge amount of your bet in every game. The lower the house edge, the better the odds for you. It’s always good to choose games with the lowest house edge so that your odds of winning are comparatively higher. For example, if the house edge is 1% and you play a hand of $100, you can expect to lose $1. If you play 100 games, you can expect to lose all of your money! What does this mean? The less number of games you play, the better.

Therefore, if you have a single target to make at a casino, bet as much as you possibly can in single games so as to maximize your odds of winning. Concentrate your bets over a smaller number of games — in essence, bet more, and not less! That’s another essential key if you want to earn bitcoins at an online bitcoin casino.

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