Who we are

Like every other online website, BestBitCasinos.com has its own Privacy Policy about how the gathered data it used and kept, it applies to all and any information, identifiable or anonymous, that is gathered, stored or reported. In this document BestBitCasinos will be known as “the website”, “we”, “us”.

Our website address is: http://www.bestbitcasinos.com.

Usage Of The Collected Information

  • To better our website
  • To enhance our member’s experience
  • To be able to help our member in case of need
  • To be able to give a good feedback to our members
  • To be able to settle dispute if any would come about

If we ask our member to provide any specific information, the purpose for this information will be specifically explained to him before he is asked.

Is The Member’s Information Shared?

No private information we collect from our members is shared, distributed, rented, given or sold. However, in several cases, we don’t have a choice and would have to disclose the asked data. These cases are the following:

  • The country or local law or regulations require this information
  • The member has performed illicit or fraudulent acts
  • The member has demonstrated harmful behavior on our website

Apart from the above cases, we have done our utmost to ensure that no one outside of us can have access to the personal data of our members.

External Links

Like any other website BestBitCasinos contains external links, however we cannot be held responsible for the content the member finds on any external website. We also cannot be held accountable for any private data that our member shares with these external and third-party websites.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are very small pieces of information on files, they can be found on the member’s storage device, be it a computer, tablet, mobile or else. Cookies are totally safe and there is no risk of viruses since these files cannot convey, transfer, bring or transport anything. The member has the control to choose whether he is ready to accept cookies, however he should know that without the use of cookies his experience on BestBitCasinos could be affected. The member should also check that his browser does not automatically allow cookies.