Best Bitcoin Casinos Guide

Discover our selection of cryptos casinos, tested by BestBitCasinos Team. To validate a bitcoin casino, we ensure to make real deposits and withdrawals to check their fiability.



Find below the ultimate bitcoin casinos for US players and all other players all around the world.

  • 1200+ Games (Table games, Slots & more)
  • Quick Deposit/Withdraw
  • Great bonuses
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin & Ripple
  • 1100+ Games (Table games, Slots & more)
  • Quick Deposit/Withdraw
  • Great bonuses
  • Bitcoin & ETH/XRP/LTC/USDT
  • 1000+ Games (Table games, Slots & more)
  • BIG bonuses
  • 1300+ Games
  • Quick Deposit/Withdraw
  • Great bonuses
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin & Ripple
  • 1000+ Games (Table games, Slots & more)
  • Quick Deposit
  • BIG bonuses
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin & Ripple



1. We do registrations (anonymous).

Our goal is to list you unbiased evaluations of the greatest bitcoin casinos websites.

So, first, We register as a normal player will do and check that no identities documents will be asked to make sure you can enjoy anonymously and have a real and fair casino experience. None of our bitcoin casinos listed ask us to be checked, « WE » decide which sites we want to evaluate. This allows our team to write an authentic and honest review about the efficiency of their platforms, their games and bonuses.

2.   We check the finest UI Design.

The User interface being the first place where you landing, it is obviously very important.

It have to be welcoming, with comfortable colors for the eyes. That's why most online gaming sites are willing to invest large sums of money to provide you with a warm, friendly and secure atmosphere.

It is very important that the features are easy enough for newcomers on the crypto casino world.

3.   We claim the welcome bonus.

Everyone knows that bonuses are what players enjoy the most, even more than the games themselves. They allow you to play more and give the possibility to earn more.

All online most advantageous BTC casinos offer bonuses, even if the quantity and quality offered are not the same. The first thing to do before to claim the bonus is to read the bonus terms and conditions. This is what we check also for you! Especially what is written in small print. To find out if the Site conditions are legitimate and not exaggerated so that we can warn you beforehand. A bonus with exaggerated conditions is not pleasant, it can even be very disturbing. In general, good wagers conditions are between x20 to x40. More than that, it will be hard for you to reach the conditions. In this case the casino will have it's notation decreased.

Note that to get a bonus, 99% of casinos ask you to activate it BEFORE to deposit.

4.   We make the first deposit.

As soon as our registration is complete and our bonus activated:

  1. We find out how and what cryptocurrencies are accepted by the crypto casino
  2. The minimum and maximum deposit

Then we make a first deposit in BTC currency generally and keep track of it. (IMPORTANT : The time it takes to be approved is completely dependent to the Blockchain confirmations).

5.   We play as many Crypto games as possible.

The games are important in cryptocurrency casino. After finishing the more technical things, we can finally start testing various games. Roulette, Blackjack, Slots are tested. So that we can really give you a complete view and opinion on most of them.

It is also by playing that we can really detect the quality of the games, the games providers integrated and if the categories are well divided and organized.

6.   We make a withdrawal in BTC to test the process.

Withdrawals are obviously very important for you, and they are our next step. To do so, we make a 2nd deposit, to be able to withdraw the same amount without to play. It is clear that the first things we check are the reliability of the withdrawals, and especially their speed.

How long it takes for a player to make the withdrawal until he receives it. Again, you must read the conditions, especially what is written in small letters (in general, a vpn and/or a duplicate account can cancel your winning and your withdraw). Our goal is to make sure you can withdraw simply and securely.

7.   We reach customer support to test its efficiency.

One of the last but very important points on Bitcoin casino is the player’s Support Center. That is why we try to reach them through the various proposed means. It allows us to judge the effectiveness of the support teams. But also their professionalism as well as the speed with which we receive a feedback.

We also search the internet for any review or articles on the site in question to learn more about their history since they came on the web. It's also important to read the feedback from the players ! It allows us to learn more about the things going on, on each website.

Why choose a Bitcoin Casino

  • Anonymity Bitcoin Casino AnonymousMost players far prefer to play anonymously (Thank you Satoshi Nakamoto), whatever their reason for it. These reasons are diverse but the most important is, of course, the fact that with cryptocurrencies no one can find information about the player.
  • Security

    Bitcoin Casino SecuredWhen paying with a credit card it is not anonymous. Fraudsters and other malicious people can find your: name, address, email, and phone. Impossible when paying with cryptocurrencies because it's completely anonymous. Mining has an essential role in bringing a layer in addition to safety. Miners complete this job by keeping blockchain consistent. A SHA-256 cryptographic hash of the previous block is applied to each block, but to know more you can check there.

  • Instant transfers

    Transactions via cryptocurrencies are instantaneous with bitcoin address. This means that the player will have more time to play and will be able to play even if he has only a short time to do so. Also, the player will never be frustrated by having to wait and wait to finally play after making a deposit or receiving his money after a withdrawal.

  • Fees

    Generally there are no fees for payments or withdrawals, and if there are any, they are minimal. The goal of online casino games players is to win as much as possible, and therefore to pay as little as possible, side fees. The fact that there are no fees or that they are minimal; is that with cryptocurrencies there is no middleman and therefore no one to pay.

  • Experience

    For players who already have experience in online casino games, it is a new experience to be able to make their deposits and withdrawals without any limitations as it often happens by paying with the various regular currencies. They can also find the same games from all their favorite casino softwares (game providers). Payment methods differ depending on the: country, laws, terms, and conditions of the sites, etc. With cryptocurrencies, all these do not come into play and everything is done in a few clicks.

  • Promotions and bonuses

    The various offers of promotions and bonuses are sometimes even more enticing on gaming sites that use cryptocurrencies for transactions. This comes from the fact that this method of payment and withdrawals is quite new, and the casinos that use them want to attract more players to their website.



Which Bitcoin Wallet is the best?

There are many bitcoin wallets, some only work with iOS or Android, others work with both, and some can be installed on your computer. Here is a shortlist of the best of them: Mycelium, Coinbase, binance or Changelly.

Can Bitcoin be used legally?

While placing a bet using Bitcoin is perfectly legal, some US states prohibit online casinos from accepting them. That is why most Bitcoin online casinos are located outside of the USA. If you’re worried about the laws of your state or country, make sure to check your preferred casino’s terms and conditions to see if your state is on the list. Most of the time, the website automatically restricts your access if you are not permitted to play.

Can cryptocurrencies be used safely?

The answer is yes, but you must also be cautious about your own security habits. The important thing for you is to choose a quality online casino gaming site that accepts cryptocurrencies. That's exactly why we do the most in-depth research on the various online casinos so that we can offer you the best where you can play and bet without taking risks while having a good time.

About BestBitCasinos.com

The reason BestBitCasinos decided to build this website is; being avid online casino gamers ourselves, we really want to make the gaming experience as exciting for other players who feel the same enthusiasm as we do for these fabulous games.

We have chosen to evaluate gaming sites offering all money transactions in cryptocurrency because these currencies are the most convenient and secure for online games. A second reason is that, as these currencies are completely anonymous, players enjoy increased security as well as immediate deposits and withdrawals.

As cryptocurrencies are quite new to the global market, not everyone trusts them. It's a shame because once you know how to use them, they offer many advantages that credit cards and other means of payment don't have. These include anonymity, security, and instantaneous transactions.

Opening an account on online casino gaming websites using cryptocurrencies is much faster and easier than for any other currency. No need to enter all kinds of private information, you just have to give your email, choose a username (pseudo) and a password, and that’s it!

It is important that you read the terms and conditions of the chosen site, including the small print, in order to know exactly what the site offers you, and what it expects from you. You will know which cryptocurrencies it accepts and therefore which bitcoin wallet you need to open. As soon as you have read our review on the site you have chosen, you will have almost all the details necessary to be able to register and start your gambling experience.

Our analyses on the various online gaming sites are totally unbiased because we have nothing to do with these sites. That's why we do our research as an anonymous member of these sites.

We really want to be able to provide you with an objective, sincere and fair opinion on every site we check in depth. That's why the tests we do on each of them are long and detailed, we scrutinize them, so to speak, from top to bottom, and back and forth.

Enjoy the games and good luck!