Our beginner’s guide to playing slot machines with bitcoin online

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Slot machines are the world’s most popular gambling game. Although slot machines can be found aplenty in brick-and-mortar casinos, they are also rocking the online gambling world. Several online casinos, including major cryptocurrency casinos, have begun adding bitcoin slot machines to their sites. Let’s go over what slots are, and how you can get started with bitcoin slot machines online.

Introduction to slots

Slot machines involve rows of images that a player spins. If the images line up in a particular order, the player is rewarded with a prize. Deregulation has led to slot machines popping up everywhere, both in real life and online. Most slot machines feature either three or five reels, and award prizes based on specific permutations of images. Winning conditions for slot machines, including bitcoin slot machines, vary based on the specific game being played as well as the game operator. However, slot machines are well known for bringing out some massive wins.

Slot machines are easy and intuitive to play. They require no skill, premeditation or settings – all you have to do is click the spin button (or pull the lever)! This means that they are equally profitable for players of all ages and all skill levels.

Bitcoin slot machines

There are several advantages to bitcoin slot machines over standard ones. Most of these are a function of bitcoin itself – transactions are faster, smoother and require less time to process. Moreover, when playing on a bitcoin slot machine, you don’t necessarily have to give your identity to the casino operator, since Bitcoin is an anonymous cryptocurrency.

Additionally, bitcoin slot machines are all hosted online and are made to be simple. Instructions, payout values and rules are all listed clearly. For a slot machine in real life, you would have to ask a casino operator for more information, since all of the information may not be available to you at any given time. However, since bitcoin slot machines cater to customers 24/7, all of the prerequisite information is available on the bitcoin slot machine in a much more transparent manner.

Speaking of transparency, bitcoin slot machines have the capability to be far more transparent and fair than traditional slot machines. Most popular bitcoin slots machines come with a provably fair verifier where players can authenticate their game outcomes. This functionality is impossible when it comes to a brick-and-mortar slot machine.

Even if it were possible, there’s no incentive for slot machine makers to make slots provably fair, since they already get a lot of volume — as the saying goes, why fix what isn’t broken?

What’s more, bitcoin slot machines frequently come with deposit bonuses and play bonuses. These bonuses are seldom available with traditional slots, but on most cryptocurrency casino websites, bitcoin slot machines are awarded large deposit bonuses, free spins, and wager bonuses.

In fact, all ten of the current top ten bitcoin slot machine providers have an ongoing deposit bonus promotion. One of these is KingBitCasino, which is currently offering exciting deposit bonuses of $15,000 and more on bitcoin slot machines.

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